An internship program (FREE)

Learning is a continuous cycle and combining with practical experience, we will mature you overtime to build a smooth and strong base for your career.

Technologies You Will Learn

Courses objectives and approach


  • Build a strong base of knowledge that are required for any job
  • Perform some activities that will lead to gain experience
  • Work on your key skills such as communications presentations etc
  • Develop your networking physically and visually through our events and social media
  • Provide a good platform to showcase yourself as a professional to grow in the career
  • Build a strong foundation here that can grow horizontally and vertically
  • Evaluate yourself and put in a position to do based on your skills expertise in mindset
  • Using tools can help and guide you grow in your space that can be business or job
  • Guide and mentor to grow personally and professionally
  • Learn the tricks of trade and jump ahead from the competitors


  • 3 hours class in the evening to learn and practice
  • Perform the task for the company that bring practical experience
  • Cover different topics on different days in 12 weeks program
  • Based on assessment and continuous evaluation you may proceed with extended 12 weeks practical program
  • Showcase your skills by doing it adding to your profile updating your CV
  • Getting job interviews and starting a proper career
  • Identify your weaknesses to remove them and know your strengths count on them and build your character on it
  • Work on some projects for reference in the CV
  • Attend some trainings such as project management, lean 6 Sigma, ITIL; to know the concepts and methodologies and build your vocabulary

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Study at Your Own Pace

Three months of great learning that would change your life for good. Internship program that suits best to upskill you and for the betterment of your career Three to six months program that is all positive with all good stuff in it which would result in all benefits

Why Choose Us?

Expertise and Knowledge:

Smart Irtekaz is a USA based company providing training and consultancy for more than 15 years. Trainers, consultants are experts in their field and bring the best knowledge to you for the great learning experience.


You don’t just learn from your own personal experiences but you learn from others so you’re gerning full span more than hundreds of years.


Let’s do it in the right way.

Success Stories:

We have trained more than 5000 professionals in different fields where they have grown on much higher positions and have successful track record. our history make us confident on what are we doing now and what are we doing is good.


We have a good range of horizontal knowledge to share with people and to certify them for multiple positions in the company at a wide range of positions in the company. our teaching is not only just theoretical but majorly practical combined with usage of tools such as Ms project or manage engine etc


With the time we have evolved with industry and now we provide physical and online slash virtual sessions. training hundreds of people in a year brings a sense of pride too smart at the cost. we aim to grow to help and support professionals from different industries specially youth.

Our key programs include Smart Irtekaz Recruitment, Youth Direction

program, Executive Learning (learn from the top executive of the companies knowledge sharing)

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Free assessment of your career based on AC GM model


Eyad Sallam

Corporate QHSE, Organizational Development and Change Director


I have known Adnan for years and used his services to train me and my CV colleagues in quality management and six sigma green belt .I have found him great trainer and quality management expert with great leadership and know-how ,he is a nice systematic helpful and resourceful professional, I fully endorse his capabilities.

Hamza Mohammed

ITIL, Agile Scrum Master, Highbond ACL, Oracle EBS / Cloud, Executive Manager, Enterprise Resource Planning at Al Rajhi Bank


I had an opportunity to be his student, and have taken ITIL foundation Course with him. As an instructor, the demonstration was to the mark with sufficient knowledge and experience I recommend interested students who are interested in taking up certification courses to sign up with Adnan R. Ahmed

Good luck,

Zeljko Rakic

Manager Operation The Lean Six Sigma Company Group, Owner of Passion For Excellence d.o.o


Adnan is highly experienced and effective Lean Six Sigma practitioner. He has an outstanding set of training and coaching skills combined with energy and passion for deploying Lean Six Sigma in organization with success. He is result oriented, focused and persistent in achieving project and program objectives. At the same time, he is a tre team member and reliable colleague. Real valuable asset to any organisation that is serious about Lean Six Sigma.

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